Friday, August 31

CONFIRMED NEWS: Dr. Shaista Divorced (Sahir lodhi's Sister)

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Shaista lohdi (Morning Show Star) was married to Wihidi family. But the controversies lead the result to the day that She is now divorced.

A day or two Before there were Rumors but now this news is totally confirmed by their family members. the reason for the Divorce is Shaista's shows on TV channels. His husband was Against her due to this.

As the Controversies were from many years. As she was already living in a separate apartment in defense and her husband was living in nazimabad (Karachi). Last year she had a Vocatin trip to Thailand only with her kids. Her husband was against of her show off and dancing on the tv Screen. thats y she was not doing the show UTHO JAAGO PAKISTAN from many time. But now she decieded this way to lessen her Stress and to live life in her own way.

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